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Check out Martin Sullivan's Bulk Oil Program!


Martin Sullivan’s Bulk Oil Program combines the dependability you know and expect from John Deere products and the service and reliability you rely on from Martin Sullivan. Click here to learn more about the Bulk Oil Program.


Precision Agriculture is Flying High at Martin Sullivan


Precision agriculture is continuously evolving farming operations. The primary purpose of precision agriculture is to develop a way to assist farmers in making them more efficient and profitable. In this ever changing field, there is a building interest in the use of drones for precision agricultural purposes. Whether it is checking in the early spring for soil analysis or drainage, scouting in the summer to determine if or where you need herbicide, insecticide, fertilizer, fungicide, or irrigation, or scoping to determine field readiness in the fall - drones are a very valuable tool!


Martin Sullivan is staying on the cutting edge of precision agriculture by offering The Horizon Chroma, a drone equipped with an amazing, high-resolution, 4K video camera and known as one of the most “user-friendly” on the market. You’ll love to see footage of your fields live, which you can also stream to a tablet or phone simultaneously. When you purchase this drone at Martin Sullivan, you get professional phone support as well as the support of our entire team – so you’ll be able to make expert decisions through aerial imagery! Stop in today and talk to your local Integrated Solutions Specialist, Salesperson, or Parts Professional for more information.


360 Yield Center


Martin Sullivan is excited to be a dealer for the 360 Yield Center and its portfolio of products. We feel that this suite of systems can help you increase your bottom line by capturing more yield and most importantly, a return on your investment. Here’s just one great example:


360 CHAINROLL: Unlock Potential

The combine pass is not only the last pass of this cropping season, but also the first for 2017 and the preparations for our next crop. New healthier and stronger corn hybrids have brought us increased yields. They also have left behind greater amounts of residue. This is where 360 CHAINROLL comes in and helps us to open up the stalk and allow it to breakdown up to two times as fast as a stalk processed by an OEM stalk roll. This aftermarket stalk roll is available for 40, 90, and 600 Series John Deere Heads and is a solution for unlocking more potential with your corn head and nitrogen program.


We, along with 360 Yield Center, are driven by a passion for agriculture and the desire to help you succeed. Please speak with your local Parts Professional, Salesperson, or Integrated Solutions Specialist today to learn more about 360 Yield Center and the products available.


Say Hello to Hagie!


In March of 2016, Hagie Manufacturing and John Deere announced that the two companies had entered into a joint-venture. Martin Sullivan has been selected to be a “Gap Coverage Dealer” for the complete line of Hagie products. Martin Sullivan’s 13 locations will be filling the gaps in parts and service coverage, assisting the existing regional Hagie Manufacturing factory personnel with customer support efforts through the transition period. Beginning November 1, 2016, all parts and service responsibilities will shift completely to John Deere dealers. Equipment Sales for both new and used Hagie equipment transitioned to Martin Sullivan on June 1, 2016.


Martin Sullivan will have a group of service technicians attending technical product training to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for you. Until the parts and service transition phase is complete, we will stock a limited quantity of Hagie parts, but will still have full accessibility to all Hagie parts. If you have questions or concerns about Hagie sales, please contact Trent Klomhaus at 309-256-8282. For questions regarding Hagie parts and service, please contact Josh Brown at 309-413-2136.