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Equipment Services

Planter Optimization

This service is designed to put a Technician or Solutions Specialist in the field with you to ensure that your AMS Hardware is properly set and ready for planting season.

Section Control Optimization

By investing in this service, a Technician or Solutions Specialist will be there with you to properly navigate through your display to set up the on/off times and any other settings that need adjusted.

Preseason Combine and Head Calibration

Before season, a technician will assist in calibrating your combine heads, faceplate tilt, contour master, chaffer, sieve, and concave clearance to ensure proper operation of your machine in season.

Combine Yield and Moisture Calibration

We’ll assist you with proper calibration of your yield monitor and moisture sensor. By riding with you in the cab and guiding you step-by-step through the proper processes, we will help take the burden of quality data collection off your shoulders.

8R Series In-Field Oil Change (with oil and without oil)

Proper maintenance can be a time-consuming task; one that our service department is ready to help alleviate. We can pre-schedule maintenance of your machines so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Sprayer Inspection and Winterization

The ideal time to have your inspection is immediately following the season to check for in-season damage and wear. By including a winterization service with this inspection, you will be prepared for the next season as soon as the machine comes out of storage.