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Martin Sullivan SMART

Stay connected with the Martin Sullivan SMART application. 
-Receive Exclusive Notifications on Specials
-View How-to-Videos and Reference Guides
-Martin Sullivan RTK Network Towers
-Contact Parts and Service Departments
-View Used Inventory
-Quick Contact and Directions to each Dealership Locations



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SeedStar Mobile


With planting windows shorter and seeds cost increasing, it's vital to make every seed count. With just a glance at the SeedStar Mobile app on your iPad, you'll be able to get a wealth of information on a row-by-row basis. You can see skips or doubles instantly. You'll know if one of your row units is wearing down or experiencing a problem. You can see fluctuations in singulation as they occur. And, most important, you'll have the information you need to correct these and other issues, quickly. You can customize your dashboard to see the variables most important to you. You can choose from actual population, singulation, seed spacing COV, applied downforce, ride quality, gauge wheel margin, variety, and more.




Harvest Mobile

Harvest Mobile works directly with your iPad to deliver in-cab visuals of mapping layers such as ground speed, wet yield, dry yield and moisture. You can see exactly what’s going on in the field and view machine settings at a glance. Harvest Mobile simplifies the Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) capabilities of your combine. With ICA, machine setting adjustments can be quickly and easily made.






JDLink is John Deere's telematics system designed for customers and managers who desire to take their operation to the next level of productivity and efficiency without leaving the office! Using JDLink information to optimize a machine is no different than pulling a soil sample to identify what nutrients are needed to produce a high yield. Using the power of JDLink can maximize productivity, increase uptime, and boost profits with JDLink information all from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.


If you already have a JDLink account, just log in and check your machines on the go. Use the DEMO account to explore the world of John Deere Telematics, if you are not yet a JDLink user. Enjoy a suited selection of JDLink features:

- Ultimate Data (if applicable)

- Share Ultimate Data as PDF, JPEG OR CSV

- Multiple machine mapping

- Direction to machines – Ping machines

- Fleet scorecard for alerts

- View and acknowledge alerts

- Engine hours

- John Deere Remote Display Access

- Users can filter multiple alert categories at one time

- Users have the ability to view and search by Machine PIN

- Bar-code scanner for machine search


Keeping the overview of your fleet has never been easier and faster with this brand new app in your pocket! Monitoring and managing your machines outside the office within a couple of seconds is simple as never before.





AgLogic Tender

This app provides a logistics solution for your tender drivers. The tender app is designed to connect with both AgLogic website and AgLogic Advanced license for Applicators to provide a complete logistics solution that is customized, but not limited to the spraying and application industry. It can be leveraged to meet other logistics needs in your operation. Ender drivers are able to quickly view their entire schedule for the day or easily get driving direction to their next delivery location. Updated location information is reported back to dispatch every minute to provide a current status of your entire fleet locations. The mobile app provides operators with all the tools to:

- View work orders in priority order to be delivered

-Get driving directions directly to the field location eliminating wasted time

- View field boundary and field location

- Automatically reporting current location back to dispatch

- View current weather condition

- User designated landmarks such as fertilizer plant or mix plant

- Available on smarts phone or tablet





Field Connect

Accessing John Deere Field Connect has never been easier. All of John Deere Field Connect data can be accessed from a mobile phone. Get the latest reading for soil moisture levels and attached environmental sensors. Scroll easily from sum graph to line graph and add notes while viewing up to 30 days of data. Currently, the app works with smartphones. Tablets will continue to utilize full Web version to all admin functionality.



- Access key web application features

- Improved user experience

- Ability to monitor soil moisture levels with SUM, LINE, and Daily Soil Moisture graphs

- Quickly view the most recent environmental sensor measurements

- Hardware status view provides the user with the most recent information regarding status of equipment in the field

- Quickly add detailed notes on the go pertaining to a management zone





Mobile Farm Manager

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager enables instant on-the-go access to all your agronomic data. You can view any map and any report from any year. View historical applications; analyze historical reports; use your iPhone or iPad GPS to track your position within your fields. Generate grid zones and perform soil sampling tasks and more! Mobile Farm Manager will help drive higher levels of productivity and efficiency in your operation.



- Map viewing-view historical application maps

- Report viewing-store and review reports generated by Apex

- GPS tracking-use your consumer device’s GPS to track your position within a field

- Navigation-get directions from your current location to a field in your database

- Soil Sampling-generate grid zones and document soil sampling operation

- Scouting-with pictures and notes, track what’s happening in specific parts of your fields





My Jobs

MyJobs app allows managers to increase productivity and improve job quality through the Ag production system. Whether you are planning from the office or cab, users will be able to view a list of jobs, the details of a job, and keep others up to date on the job details and status.


Users with a account can create a job, prioritize its order, and send it directly to an operator in the field. These features ensure the job gets done in the right place, at the right time, with the proper machine settings. Operators also have the ability to start, pause, and resume a job. This allows the remote manager to see real time progress information for his entire operation on one screen.


Job Details Include:

- Job Type

- Crop Type

- Location

- Hybrids

- Equipment

- Guidance lines

- Application Rates

- Notes





My Transfer (Mobile Data Transfer)

John Deere Mobile Data Transfer takes connectivity and data management to the next level. The Mobile Data Transfer app allows customers to transfer John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display files from their machines to their MyJohnDeere account using a wireless USB device and a smartphone data plan. Mobile Data Transfer also allows customer the flexibility to make last-minute prescription and setup changes, which are retrieved from the “My Files” feature in the Operation Center. Mobile Data Transfer enables easy transfer of data files to and from the display, regardless of the brand of the machine being operated.


Features included:

- Transfer documentation and setup files from the display to the Operations Center

- Transfer setup and prescription files from MyJohnDeere to the display.





Operations Center allows you to make an account that will provide access to secure John Deere web applications.


Features included:

- Locate John Deere Financial information

- Collect and analyze machine and agronomic information

- Manage all your John Deere technology subscriptions

- Search for parts solutions – including inventory and pricing – then place orders.

- Reduce the number of user IDs and passwords needed to access your applications.




The GoTill app gives John Deere 2730 Combination Ripper operators the ability to optimize their machine as they enter the tillage season. At John Deere, we understand that every minute in the field is valuable during the tillage season. This guide is intended to provide a quick-reference overview of key adjustments, maintenance, and operation of the 2730 Combination Ripper right at your fingertips. GoTill App users can also record observations (notes and/or pictures) and save them for future reference to ensure hours spent in the field are maximized to their fullest potential.






Having trouble remembering which SCV each hydraulic hose should be plugged in for your planter?


Have questions about how to set up the display the way you want it for planting?


Tired of searching through the manuals for the answers?


The GoPlant applications gives operators the ability to optimize their machine as they enter the planting season. GoPlant suggests initial settings for both the machine and the display, which is for ExactEmerge 1775NT and 1795 Series Planters. GoPlant also features a notes section and photo functionality to give operators a premium experience when setting their machine. GoPlant is a great guide to use in the field for planter optimization and to document changes made to settings during planting.






The GoSpray application for 4 Series Sprayers gives John Deere Application equipment operators and technicians the ability to optimize their machine through proper set-up and maintenance procedures. This guide is intended to provide a quick-reference overview of key adjustments, maintenance, and operation of R4030, R4038 and R4045 sprayers’ right at our fingertips. GoSpray App users can also record observations and save them for future reference to ensure hours spent in the field are maximized to their fullest potential.





Nozzle Select

The John Deere Nozzle Select mobile app for Application Equipment gives operators the ability to find the right spray nozzle for the job. Nozzle Select is a guide intended to provide an overview of John Deere Nozzles that are recommended for a variety of different product application types. Maximize sprayer application efficiency by entering spacing, speed, application rate, density, and droplet type to find the right nozzle at your fingertips. Nozzle Select users can also order nozzles in the app directly from






The GoBale application for Large Square Balers and 9 Series Round Balers gives John Deere baler equipment operators the ability to optimize their machine through proper machine and monitor setup, as well as maintenance and in-field procedures. This guide is intended to provide a quick-reference overview of key adjustments, maintenance, and procedures right at your fingertips. GoBale App users can also record observations and save them for future reference to ensure hours spent in the field are maximized to their fullest potential.






The GoHarvest application gives S, W and T series combine operators the ability to optimize their 2012 or newer machine as they enter the harvest season. Operators choose the model of combine and type of crop. GoHarvest suggests initial settings for that crop type. GoHarvest also features a notes section and photo functionality to give combine operators a premium experience when setting their machine settings. GoHarvest is also a great guide to use in field for settings changes as conditions differ, and to document changes made to settings during harvest.






The TractorPlus application for the 3 and 4 family Compact Utility Tractors provides John Deere operators with tools and information to help learn about and setup their machine. This guide is intended to serve as a quick reference tool, providing an overview of features such as Hitch Assist, and Final Tier 4 engines, as well as providing tools for diagnostic trouble codes, and an icon glossary which allows you to easily and conveniently familiarize yourself with the instrument panel. TractorPlus users can also record observations by creating notes and saving them for future reference to maximize their knowledge of equipment setup.