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Sponsorship Request

Helping Support our Communities since 1926


At the core of Martin Sullivan's values is commitment. That commitment extends through to the communities where we live and serve. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can assist the people that have played a role in making Martin Sullivan the success that it is today. We look forward to seeing the future of those communities prosper and grow.


Since the beginning of Martin Sullivan, we have provided cash and product donations to various groups and organizations. We try to support as many people as we can through our charitable contributions. As one can imagine, we receive requests for support on a regular basis. To simplify the process of support requests, we have developed this on-line application for you to complete.


Upon submission, your application will be considered. The application cannot be considered a commitment of funding. The review process can take up to 3 weeks. You will be contacted once a decision has been made.


Thank you for considering Martin Sullivan, a partner in your community.