Service for Generations - Since 1926

Our Vision

Since 1926 Martin Sullivan has been a trusted John Deere farm equipment dealer in Central Illinois.


For 90 years we’ve been a consistent, trusted resource for the most reliable equipment on the market. Martin Sullivan serves customers of all shapes and sizes from family farms, to your own back yard, with both new and used equipment ranging from John Deere tractors to riding mowers. Whether you’re looking for compact utility tractors or tractor parts, lawn tractors or self-propelled sprayers, Martin Sullivan is the beginning, and end, of your equipment quest.


John Deere trusts Martin Sullivan, and we’ve learned exactly how to lend distinction to this honor. Martin Sullivan backs up our quality equipment with employees that are not selected solely for their ability, but also, for their strength of character. They’re the same consistent, well-trained faces you’ve come to rely on. Decade after decade, season after season, we empower our people and perfect our processes, so we can consistently provide you with the right equipment and valuable solutions.


With 13 single-store locations across Central and Western Illinois, Martin Sullivan has an amazing equipment selection, volume buying power, customized financial solutions and the collective ability to solve problems proactively for our customers.




Our Mission Statement

Martin Sullivan’s dedicated employees are your trusted partners, delivering and supporting premium products and personalized solutions to agriculture, consumer, and commercial customers to ensure long-term success.

Integrity: Respect for everyone in all we do.

- Always be honest.

- Do what we say by following through with our commitments.

- Continually act with strong moral principles.


Commitment: Ensuring the actions of Martin Sullivan are in the best interest for all that are involved.

- Dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers and employees.

- Guaranteeing that we perform to the best of our abilities at all times.

- Responsibly support our communities.


Teamwork: Relationships built on mutual respect among employees and customers of Martin Sullivan.

- Utilize input to make good decisions and communicate it to all employees.

- Hold each other accountable for superior performance.

- Providing opportunity and encouragement to maximize potential.


Innovation: Constantly looking for ways to improve.

- Proactively seeking solutions for our customers and employees.

- Being open to original and creative thinking.

- Advancing the company to provide better opportunities.