While there is measurable strength in our numbers, perhaps the most important advantage our structure provides is our collective ability to solve problems proactively for our customers – we save you time and money. Our experienced managers, who oversee all areas of sales and service, engage in weekly collaboration with location managers to analyze what’s going on in the field. This collective knowledge coupled with the information gained directly from our John Deere sources is used to anticipate potential equipment issues and ensure service excellence.

At Martin Sullivan, we know that it’s not about the equipment; it’s about what the equipment does for you. Our Integrated Solutions professionals are here for you, so you can turn data into dollars. Their work goes beyond analysis into application; helping to ensure that your equipment, methods and decisions are providing you with optimal efficiency and maximum profit. Additionally, know that you can count on Martin Sullivan SMART Services, a proactive service and support system that ensures your equipment is always healthy and performing exactly as needed to offer you the highest possible profit.